Business Personal Property Renditions are due by April 15th!

Each year business owners must render their taxable personal property by April 15th!

If you own personal property that is used to produce income, a rendition listing that property must be filed with the Appraisal District by April 15th.  A rendition is a report that list all the taxable income producing property you owned or controlled on January 1st of this year.  Property includes inventory and equipment used by a business.

If a rendition is filed late, incomplete, or not at all, a 10% to 50% penalty may be imposed.


Requesting an extension for filing your Business Personal Property Rendition

If you need more time to file your rendition, you may file a written request on or before April 15th to receive an automatic extension to May 15th.  For good cause only, you may then file, no later than May 15th, another written request for an additional extension.  To request an extension, please provide the Property Identification Number (PID) or Account Number along with a simple request to extend your deadline 30 days.  You may email your extension request to